Foothills Rails-to-Trails Coalition Gives Back

Foothills Rails-to-Trails Coalition gives back to local communities during COVID-19 pandemic

November 13, 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foothills Rails-to-Trails Coalition has stepped up to support local communities.

The non-profit organization is adding “Giving with our Hearts to Help Others” to its prevailing mission of assisting Pierce County governments and communities in the creation, maintenance, and usage of a connected system of non-motorized trails for healthier people from Mt. Rainier to Puget Sound.

In early May, the Foothills Rails-to-Trails Coalition took notice of the incredible impact the coronavirus was having on individuals, families and businesses and began an effort to embrace the mantra “if you can help someone, do it!”

Initially, eight non-profit organizations and food banks along or near the Foothills Trial were selected and each received donations.

As COVID-19 persisted, the Foothills Rails-to-Trails Coalition board approved a second round of support for 11 non-profit organizations and food banks to receive donations, just in time for Thanksgiving.

The organization hopes its efforts will help those financially and emotionally impacted by COVID-19 celebrate the holiday season, especially through its contributions to food banks and organizations.

Bill Hilton (Vice President)

Foothills Rails-to-Trails Coalition


253 302-1104

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